Top Quality Reverse IP Check

Do you want to check all domains on an IP address, or track the domain/websites tied to a competitor's IP? Or find what domains a single domain is related to and if they share ownership?

Our reverse IP lookups have a much wider application, though. For instance, trademark monitoring specifically for domains. If you suspect any trademark violations of your domain name, you can find out who the domain owner is. After that, using reverse IP/Whois lookups you can track all domains belonging to the same owner for any violations there. Sometimes knowing the IP address does not help since potential abusers use CDNs to hide behind IPs in the cloud. In that case, reverse NS lookups can do good since you can find all domains using the same name servers.

Thinking more large scale, reverse IP lookups together with reverse Whois are essential tools for investigators working on cybercrime cases such as identity theft (stealing personal and banking details), financial fraud, piracy, etc. They can identify all domains of the suspect and related associates.

This is what our reverse IP check is all about. Using our private massive domain database of 625+ mln we can do that and more when we combine it with our reverse Whois service. The database covers all gTLDs, new TLDs and ccTLDs and the larger it grows, the more data we will be able to deliver to you in our lookups.

Our reverse IP service is available at a best quality/price ratio. Check it out now!

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